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We appreciate our McNairs Mentors.  They are instrumental in guiding our McNair Scholars toward success.  Our past mentors include:

Najjar Abdul-Musawwir
Associate Professor, Art and Design

Amer AbuGhazaleh
Professor, Animal Science Food and Nutrition

Angela Aguayo
Associate Professor, Cinema and Photography

Jeanie Akamanti
Graduate Student, Sociology

Aldwin Anterola
Associate Professor, Plant Biology

Phil Anton
Interim Chair, Associate Professor, Kinesiology

Lydia A. Arbogast
Associate Professor, Physiology

Susanne Ashby
Graduate Student, Curriculum and Instruction

Randall Auxier
Professor, Philosophy

Sara Baer
Associate Professor, Plant Biology

Karen Baertsch
Assistant Professor, Linguistics

Roberto Barrios
Professor, Anthropology

Kelly Bender
Assistant Professor, Microbiology

Robert Benford
Professor, Sociology

Valarie Boyer
Associate Professor, Rehabilitation Institute 

Justin Boyles
Assistant Professor, Zoology

Benjamin Bricker
Assistant Professor, Political Science

Marjorie Brooks
Assistant Professor, Zoology

Father Joseph Brown
Director, Africana Studies

Ras Michael Brown
Associate Professor, History and Africana Studies

Sarah Buila
Assistant Professor, Social Work

Philip Burke
Assistant Professor, Psychology

Randolph Burnside
Associate Professor, Public Administration

Mark Byrd
Professor, Physics

Joseph Cheatwood
Associate Professor, Anatomy-SMC

Lizette Chevalier
Chair, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Morgan Chitiyo
Associate Professor, Educational Psychology and Special Education

Kathy Chwalisz
Professor, Counseling Psychology

Tim Clark
Assistant Professor, Sociology

Robert Clinton
Chair, College of Liberal Arts

Sandra Pensoneau-Conway
Associate Professor, Communication Studies

Garth Crosby
Associate Professor, Technology

Diane Davis
Professor, Information Management Systems

David Dilalla
Associate Professor, Psychology

Lisabeth Dilalla
Professor, School of Medicine; Brain & Cognitive Science; Clinical Psychology

Stephanie Dollinger
Associate Professor, Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Saran Donahoo
Chair and Professor, Educational Administration & Higher Education

Betsy Dougherty
Assistant Professor, English

Chad Drake
Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychology

Ahmad M. Fakhoury
Associate Professor, Plant Soil and Agricultural Systems

Peter Filip
Professor, Mechanical Engineering & Energy Processing

Susan Ford
Chairperson, Anthropology

Kevin Foster
Assistant Professor, Black American Studies