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Graduate School Checklist

Graduate School Comparison Table

Class Readings

Week 1

7 Big Differences Between College and Graduate School

Good Reasons for going to graduate school

Week 2

Appleby, D.C., & Appleby, K.M. (2006). Kisses of Death in the graduate school application process. Teaching of Psychology, 33(1), 19-24 

Week 3

How to Pay for Graduate School

Writing your CV

How to write a CV

Week 4

Tips for Writing the Graduate School Personal Statement-Don Asher

10 Tips for writing a grad school personal statement

Writing the Personal Statement

Writing the Personal Statement Vidcast 

Sample Essays

Week 5

Gardner, S.K., & Holley, K.A. (2011). "Those invisible barriers are real": The progression of first-generation students through doctoral education. Equity & Excellence in Education, 44(1), 77-92

Gardner, S.K., & Barnes, B.J. (2007). Graduate student involvement: Socialization for the professional role. Journal of College Student Development, 48(4), 369-387.

Week 6 

Five FAQs about interviewing for graduate school

Rocking the Phone/Skype Interview

Additional/Optional Readings

Tompkins, K.A., Brecht, K., Tucker, B., Neander, L. L., &Swift, J.K. (2016). Who matters most? The contribution of faculty, student-peers, and outside support in predicting graduate student satisfaction. Training and Education in Professional Psychology, 10(2), 102-108.

Winkle-Wagner, R., & McCoy, D.L. (2016). Entering the (Postgraduate) Field: Underrepresented Students' Acquisition of Cultural and Social Capital in Graduate School Preparation Programs. The Journal of Higher Education, 87(2), 178-205.