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Scholar Highlights

Congratulations, 2022-2023 graduates of Southern Illinois University Carbondale! The degrees they seek, departments and institutions are:

  • Dorcus Brou:
  • Myla Croft:
  • Anthony Easton:
  • Chandler Gaydos:
  • David Hernandez:
  • Brenda King:
  • Mariyah Parson:
  • Olajuwon Sally:

Additionally, we extend a warm welcome to the new McNair Scholars who are: Natalie Becker, Truc (Prue) Hoang, Sarah Lukavsky, and Santino Resonno.

SRI Highlights: Orientation Week

SIU McNair Orientation        SIU McNair Orientation

SIU McNair Orientation        SIU McNair Orientation

Orientation week was filled with strategies to help introduce the 2019 SRI participants to 8-week intensive research program. Some of those strategies included public speaking, team building exercises, and networking. We would like to thank Dr. Laxmi Sagwan, Mandy King, Josh Vossler, Cristina Castillo, Michelle Garrett, Karla Berry, Beth Morrison, Dr. Gauri Pitale, Janine Armstrong, and Touch of Nature for presenting throughout the weeklong introduction.

SRI Hightlights: Ropes Course

SIU McNair Ropes Course        SIU McNair Ropes Course

                                                                                                   Areaj Mubarak

SIU Mcnair Ropes Course        SIU McNair Ropes Course

                                                                                                   Shalane Scott

 SRI Highlights: Scavenger Hunt 2019

SIU Mcnairs RSI Scavenger Hunt        SIU Mcnairs RSI Scavenger Hunt

Christian Rose, Andres Womac, Shalane Scott                            Amanda Gomes, Josh McCray,
                                                                                                      Jessica Jurak, Destanee Williams

SIU Mcnair RSI Scavenger Hunt        Destanee,-Josh,-Amanda.png

Jacob Janicki, Jawaun Valentine                                                 Destanee Williams, Josh McCray, 
Areaj Mubarak, Kaitlin Faust                                                        Amanda Gomes

SRI Symposium 2019

The 16th Annual McNair Summer Research Symposium (SRI) was held July 19, 2019 from 10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. on the first floor of Morris Library in the John C. Guyon Auditorium. The symposium was the final event of the Summer Research Institute (SRI). SRI participants presented their research projects from the 8-week intensive research program.

                           McNair SRI 2019
                            First Row: Kaitlin Faust, Areaj Mubarak, Shalane Scott, Destanee Williams
                            Second Row: Luis Prado, Jacob Janicki, Christian Rose, Josh McCray, Jessica Jurak,
                            Jawaun Valentine, Andres Womac

SIU McNair SRI 2019     SIU McNair SRI 2019
Christian Rose presenting to Dr. Pamela Smoot                   Destanee Williams 

SIU McNair SRI 2019      SIU McNair SRI 2019          
Kaitlin Faust                                                                         Luis Prado

                                            SIU McNair SRI 2019
                                     STEM Awards: 1st Place Christian Rose, 2nd Place Jessica Jurak
                                     Social Science Awards: 1st Place Jawaun Valentine, 2nd Place Josh McCray

Summer Research Symposium-Invite-2019.jpg

16th Annual McNair Summer Research Symposium
Friday, July 19, 2019


SIU McNair SRI 2019