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Alumni Highlights 

Congratulations, 2016-2017 graduates! From Southern Illinois University Carbondale: Danette Abernathy, Norris Akpan, Rudy Bacette, Bryce Corbett, Yahaira Heller, Jordan Holman, Trevor Keen, Emily Peterson, Jorden Thomas, and Naomi Tolbert.

We also extend our congratulations to the six new graduates who are entering graduate school in fall 2017. The degrees they seek, departments and institutions are:

          Danette Abernathy: Ph.D. at Wichita State University

          Rudy Bacette: M. Ed. at University of Central Florida

          Yahaira Heller: MPA at Southern Illinois University Carbondale

          Trevor Keen: MS at University of Tennessee

          Emily Peterson: ECIC at University of California, Berkeley

          Naomi Tolbert: CIR at University of Chicago

SRI Highlights: Orientation Week

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3 4

Orientation week was filled with strategies to help introduce the 2017 SRI participants to 8-week intensive research program. Some of those strategies included public speaking, team building exercises, and networking. We would like to thank Angela Aguayo, Don Barth, Monica Becerra, Allison Brenneise, Jamie Conley-Holt, Michelle Fletcher, Michelle Garrett, Thushari Jayasekera, Jessica Lucas, Bethany Radar, Karen Renzaglia, Lauren Schaefer, Touch of Nature, Mark Watson, and Bell Woodward for presenting throughout the weeklong introduction.

SRI Hightlights: Ropes Course

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13 14

SRI Highlights: Scavenger Hunt 2017

3.1 3.2
Tierney Rhone, Dave Levsky, & Juan Corral                     Harleigh Williams, Frankie Anderson,
                                                                                           William Browning, & Angelica Bahena 

3.3 3.4
Dakota Discepolo, Xavier Aguirre, Jacqueline Chavez,     Jamieson Deamer, Izabella Bradford, & Carlesha Hines
& Ana Hernandez 

SRI Symposium 2017

The 14th Annual McNair Summer Research Symposium (SRI) was held July 14, 2017 from 9a.m. - 4p.m. on the first floor of Morris Library in the John C. Guyon Auditorium. The symposium was the final event of the Summer Research Institute (SRI). SRI participants presented their research projects from the 8-week intensive research program.

4.1 4.2
First Row: Xavier Aguirre, Dave Levsky,                             Karen Renzaglia, Dave Levsky, & David Dilalla
Frankie Anderson, Ana Hernandez, Jacqueline Chavez,
& Tierney Rhone
Second Row: Jamieson Deamer, William Browning,
Juan Corral, Carlesha Hines, Izabella Bradford,
Dakota Discepolo, & Harleigh Williams 

4.3 4.4
Staff: Michelle Fletcher, Rhetta Seymour,                                                      SI Bridges Poster Forum
& Monica Becerra

SRI 2017

14th Annual McNair Summer Research Symposium
Friday, July 14, 2017

Download the flyer and a list of the presenters